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Biogas Technology and DEWATS

TEDs main technology is the TED - Biogas Digester which enjoys an enormous demand. During the last seven years we have build and put into operation more than 300 digesters of varying sizes. The TED - Biodigester is the product of more than 25 years of experience with fixed-dome designs. It provides an elegant and reliable solution to the problem of wastewater and organic waste management, decentralised energy production and nutrient reuse in food production. The technology is scalable and customizable: It works for one household, for a 200 people settlement as well as for an industrial abattoir.

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Energy Saving Technologies

Wood saving stoves
In 2007 TED started working under a seven-year agreement brokered by the Programme for Basic Energy Conservation (ProBEC) and Climate Care Trust Ltd to roll out in alliance with the World Food Programme an efficient wood stove project of building 500 improved institutional brick made LION stoves, earning finance on the international carbon trading market. The initiative aims to minimize wood fuel gas emissions; Pioneer Carbon Ltd (PCL), a UK-registered private-sector company, handles the carbon verification process and ensures the procedures for obtaining carbon credits. The programme is chaired by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Department of Energy. This project has won the CLARION AWARD 2009. We refine the design of the Nkokonono Rocket Stove, cooperate with a local metal workshop that produces the stoves, promote its use by institutions (mainly schools) and provide stoves for the school feeding programme executed by the World Food Programme.
Heat Retaining Devices
As ProBEC coordinator in Lesotho, TED promotes Da Planet Recycling Shop’s product “Wonder Bag” (Sephehisi sa Mohlolo), a pumpkin shaped device for finalizing cooking by just conserving heat already contained in food.

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Ecological Sanitation

In water scarce areas TED promotes the installation of improved dry toilets that separate urine and excreta. After a sanitizing composting process the household can make use of the therein contained plant nutrients, and improve soil structure and fertility. Nutrients contained in human excreta are hygenically and environmentally friendly recycled to fertilize agricultural land and vegetable gardens. The core technique provides the separation of feces and urine. While principally simple, this technique still has to overcome cultural stigmata. TED's focus in this area therefore lies in promotion and educational activities.
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Technical Training & Advisory

In order to disseminate the fine tuned technologies with knowledgeable craftsmen, TED conducts training for craftsmen in the different sectors of its portfolio.
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Education & Awareness Raising on Hygiene and Environmental Protection

Besides technologies, TED’s work focuses on awareness raising and education:
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In all TED’s portfolio sectors, consultancy work is carried out in cooperation with, and on behalf of local, national and international organizations, institutions and enterprises in Europe, Africa, Asia, North- and South America, applying participatory approaches, intercultural communication and management as well as interactive training and consultancy methods.
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