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TED celebrates - One decade for sustainable development in Lesotho

2014 is a very special year for TED as we celebrate our 10th anniversary. Back in 2004 TED started as a small NGO with the objective to bring biogas technology to Lesotho. Until now TED has built and maintained over 170 biogas/DEWAT (decentralised waste water treatment) systems in the Kingdom of Lesotho and the demand is growing.

To provide our customers with systems that are state of the art in terms of quality and affordability. But the TED of 2014 is much more than just biogas. The portfolio of our NGO grew from year to year as well as the partnerships with international institutions like the UN, the EU, several research institutions and development cooperation agencies worldwide. TED has established itself as a recognized expert for environmental and sustainable issues with a specific focus on sanitation and energy and is known as a watchdog that tackles problems which are often left unspoken.

In-between all the work TED is occupied with, our office organized a small birthday party for all the TED family members on the 10.05.2014. With a barbecue, we celebrated the work of ourselves, paid tribute to the leading persons of TED and commemorated those family members that could not be with us anymore. With one eye to the past and the other one to the future we ended this evening of memories with dances and delicious food.

Besides this TED gives interested young professionals from Germany the chance to serve for one year as a volunteer in Lesotho. They get adopted to the family and are able to learn about the work of an NGO and contribute to it. This short article should also serve as a big THANK YOU from all the former volunteers for the opportunity TED gave to them. TED is also THANKFUL for the contribution of its experts and friends and to our clients. THANK YOU ALL!

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