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88 Feet for a better sanitation in Maseru - The Maseru Waste Water Project is about to get serious

Since Monday the 26th of May, 88 Feet are walking through Maseru, fulfilling the very ambitious task to survey all households that are located within the boundaries of the Maseru City Council. Equipped with detailed questionnaires, GPS-devices and information material, they interview the households about their sanitation situation.

This component of the Maseru Waste Water Project (project brief can be found here) by WASCO and TED created more than 44 temporary jobs for people that have an over average environmental inclination and are willing to proof this by working six days a week, even by freezing temperatures and rain.

The results of the survey, which is planned to be finalized by the end of 2014, will be analysed by WASCO and TED to identify households that want to be connected to the main sewer line or are in urgent need of improved on-site sanitation facilities. For this purpose funds for up to 3100 ecological on-site sanitation systems (Amalooloo urine diversion toilets) were made available by the European Investment Bank and the Government of Lesotho. But until the construction starts a lot of doors have to be knocked at and even more questions have to be answered.

We thank the people of Maseru for their patience and cooperation which will pay them back with improved urban sanitation!

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